As an immediate servicing body to the built environment, we recognise that the actualisation of a build hinges on our ability to offer safe and practical structural engineering solutions.

Bringing together individuals with combined decades of experience across state of the art and landmark projects across the world, Matter is a collective of Engineering and BIM expertise.

Building design


We are creative where it matters – our focus for ambitious, creative or challenging building design has led us to developing an innovative, people centric group of engineers that strive to provide superior service to the needs of our partners

Our deep understanding of materials and their physical matter guides our design approach to offer various solutions to the same problem to ensure the most cost effective, multi-disciplinary and sustainable solution is adopted for each project.

We connect our innovation with outcomes – from initial concept through to project delivery we work closely with other consultants to inform consistent solutions across each stage of the project lifecycle to ensure your build stands the test of time. Our social and environmental consciousness and our responsibility to do better is founded in sustainability. We collaborate with the design team to achieve holistic sustainable solutions in all our projects.

Matter offers cutting edge structural design and documentation across a range of services such as structural engineering, temporary works engineering, civil engineering, post tension design and condition audits.


Design Review


Collaboration matters – whether it be Peer review or Structural certification, our approach is to engage with people to gain a complete understanding of the project.

Our innovative and curious nature combined with our knowledge of people leads us to provide unsurpassed service in offering alternative, efficient solutions to complex structural designs at any stage of the design cycle.

Compliance matters – With our focus on quality and technical expertise we provide exceptional service throughout the course of the certification process to ensure compliance of complex structural systems requiring independent certification.

BIM and Digital Engineering


Our BIM team, with a combined 30 plus years experience in the BIM space,  integrate with an agile innovative digital engineering team to help Matter always push the boundaries of what the ‘norm’ should be.

At Matter we utilise the latest BIM digital platforms to drive data rich models to take your project to the next level. With greater model granularity we bring your projects to life. Our clients realise the benefits of detailed and accurate design, reduced risk and BIM worth collaborating with.

We believe in embracing new technology to identify value opportunities for our clients. We aim to bring designs teams into one cloud collaboration space to reduce time spent in design coordination.

Our digital engineering team we will bring clarity to your design and create a clear information pathway throughout your project’s lifecycle. We aim to bring a golden thread of data into your projects.

At Matter we currently are:

  • Tracking your projects embodied carbon. We aim to offer greener solutions to your build
  • Modelling towards and LOD400. To reflect what is really happening on your site.
  • Collaborating in the cloud. Your latest design documents and models are accessible to the whole design team at any time.
  • Clash detecting. Clashes matter, as they can cause costly delays on site. Matter provides clash detection services to ensure your build on site runs smoothly and clash free.
  • Digital engineering. Our experienced team uses our BIM models for analytical analysis. This removes double handling and reduces risk in your design.
  • Automating repetitive model processes through visual programming to build more information into our models whilst freeing up our designers be across every element on your detailed design.

Please reach out for a chat or further documentation on how we can make your next project really Matter.